Employment Contract

XYZ CO. LTD. 5 Fat Tat Road, Hong Kong

Contract of Employment

Flat H, 13/F, Po Shan Mansion, Tai Koo Shing, North Point, Hong Kong

Date:  1 January 2020
(1) The employee shall be recruited for the post of Accountant.

(2) Duration of contract will be two years.

(3) Working hours will be 8 per day and 48 per week, from Monday to Saturday, except public holidays. On completion of every year of service, the employee will be entitled to 14 days leave with pay.

(4) The annual total salary is HK$600,0000 which is to be paid on a monthly basis of HK$50,000 each on the last day of each calendar month.

(5) Food allowance of HK$30 on each working day is to be paid with the monthly salary.

(6) The employee is entitled to free accommodation by way of rent refund not exceeding HK$3,000 per month.

(7) The employee must observe all rules, regulation and instructions issued by the employer and must also abide by all employment laws and regulation in force of Hong Kong.


Personnel Manager


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