Letter from Raymond Yeung

                                                         1 June 2020
Dear Sir / Madam,

What will it take for me to have an appointment with you? Whatever it is, I would like to do it. Why? Because I know I can help you reduce tax and trouble.

If you're thinking: "But I don't need your service", then please let me show you how we can work together to reduce your tax bill legally and ease your tax trouble easily.

If you're happy with your current tax consultant, let me show you why my tax advisory service is even better at lower cost.

I have served thousands of people like you. I have provided expert advisory service on taxation and accounting for years. I have made a number of tax efficient taxation software to help people make better decisions on taxation matters.

Can I tell you how to reduce your tax burden legally? If your answer is yes, please WhatsApp me at 94735846 to arrange an appointment. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Raymond Yeung
Tax Consultant


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