Business Sample Letter

Advise customer change of settlement policy

15 July 2020

Dear Mr. Kenny Chan,

I am sure you dislike being told "That's our policy" when you question a decision? So do we. But inevitably, we do have policies because they serve as a target to ensure that we perform consistently each time when you patronize us. In fact, our policies are to help us provide quality service to our customers. So, they are not as rigid or unreasonable as you might think.

Time changes. So do our policies change. In fact, we have to review our policies from time to time in light of the changing business circumstances. As a result of our recent review of our financial situation, we regret to tell you that your credit limit and credit period are changed to HK$300,000 and 1 month respectively, effective on 1 August 2020.

Please call our Mr. H. Y Cheung if you have any questions or comments.


Yours faithfully,
Raymond Yeung
General Manager


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