Business Sample Letter

Ask an old customer to introduce new customers

5 July 2020

Dear Mr. Kenny Chan,

We value our business relationship. We are sure your continued support shows your satisfaction with our service. Would you please consider helping us spread your kind support to other people?

Your recommendations of us to your friends, relatives, and business associates can be a critical factor when they decide to do business with us. Why? Because you are respected by your peers. It is beyond doubt that your referral carries a lot of weight.

Real recommendations are an honest way of doing business. Please help us by making us known to your friends. When we get business from your recommendations, we will pay a return to you, by granting a further discount from the usual price of the sale to you. The extent of discount depends on the amount of business concerned. We may offer you a further 10% discount if we get a sales figure of $1,000,000 or above through your recommendations.

Yours faithfully,
Raymond Yeung
General Manager


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