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Beware of your legal obligations

If you break the tax law, you have to pay a price. The price may be tax investigation, money fines or even criminal prosecution. So, beware of the requirements of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Here are some tips for you.

  • Don't file an incorrect tax return. Make sure every item you put down is true.  

  • File the tax return promptly. Ask for extension of time limit if you cannot make it on time.

  • Make sure all the information you supply to the Revenue is true. If the information required is unavailable, say so to them.

  • If some information supplied to the Revenue turns out to be incorrect, inform them right away.

  • Pay tax on time. Jot down the due date in your diary. Beware: the surcharge on unpaid tax is very high, much more than the prevailing market interest rates.

  • If you are liable to tax and do not receive a tax return within 4 months after the year of assessment, inform the Revenue.

  • If you cease to have a source of taxable income, inform the Revenue within one month.

  • If you are leaving Hong Kong for good, inform the Revenue at least one month before your departure.

  • If you change your address, inform the Revenue within one month.

  • Keep business records for 7 years. 


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email: yeungfhr@qq.com

Tel /WhatsApp 94735846



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