Raymond Yeung Tax Consultant's Performance Pledge:

QEEP:  Quick, Effective, Economical, Professional



I solemnly undertake that my advice, taxation software CDR and tax books on sale are done with my whole-hearted devotion and endeavor.



I am sure you will find them value for money. My undertaking is based on the following: - 


  • I put a lot of taxation information on this website. Only when you think they worth the price will you buy my service.


  • I pledge to do my best to serve you. No charge for telephone enquiry service within the first 2 minutes. So, you can judge my advice before you buy service.


  • Being a tax professional, I am bound by professional ethics. If my service should fall short of professional ethics, you can complain to the press. 


  • As a former IRD assessor for more than 18 years, I know IRD practices in depth. I am sure my work experience can help you solve your tax problems. Press Here for more information.


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