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Dear friend:


First, please read my book Hong Kong Tax Tips. Then, you should know something about how to reduce tax legally. Here, I must stress on the word “legally”.


Tax reduction is good but it must always be done in a legal way. Remember: tax evasion by illegal means is a crime and it can ruin your career totally.


Tax reduction by lawful means is possible and achievable. That's why I write this book. But I strongly advise you not to do it overly aggressively. Such acts may make you liable to tax investigation and subject to torment for many years.


Tax reduction may not be your talent. The fact that you can pay a lot of tax indicates that you are a capable person in your career. To maximize your reward and work satisfaction, you should focus on the things which you can do best. 


Of course, you want to pay less tax on what have earned and you don't want to pay more tax than you are legally required. In this respect, I may help you.


I am sure you will find my service value for money. Click here for more.


Best regards,

Raymond Yeung


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