Business Sample Letter

Late delivery of goods from supplier

5 May 2020

Dear Mr. David Wong,

No receipt of goods under Purchase Order 25802/2020

We have to remind you that our order of 50,000 cartons of cotton sheets under the captioned order has not been fulfilled. Kindly note that the day of delivery as specified in our order is 25 April 2007 and it is 10 days late now. We are wondering why our order has been overlooked.

Before we placed the order, your salesman Mr. C. Y. Wong had confirmed the prompt delivery of goods. Now that the Easter sale is drawing near, the delay has already caused us inconvenience and losses. In the circumstances, we have to point out that if we do not receive the goods by 25 May 2020, we will have to cancel the order and in that case, we reserve the lawful right to demand you to pay for the losses arising from the delay.

Yours sincerely,
Raymond Yeung
Purchasing Manager


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