Job application letter

                                                                        1 November 2019

Dear Sir,

Seeking a career of food catering

I am writing to seek a career with your company.

First, let me why I explain why I wish to work for your company. I like serving people and I like food too. Your company is a prestigious leader in the food catering industry. Most of all, your company has always been my favourite shop since I was ten years old. Every time when I passed your shopping outlet, I desired to become part of it. The taste of the food, the design of the shop, the smiling faces of the staff, the professional style of management of your company impress me deeply.

For many years, I have been studying hard in order to develop a career in the food catering industry. After passing the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examinations, I enrolled in the Diploma of Catering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic. Now, I have just finished the course with a distinction pass. Then, I write to you hoping that I can begin a successful career at your company.

I shall be delighted if I am offered an interview. Should there be no immediate vacancy of a suitable post for me, I shall be grateful if you put me on the waiting list. Enclosed are my resume and copy of the relevant documents.

Thank you very much indeed.

 Yours sincerely,

  Janet Yeung



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