Job application letter

                                                                21 November 2019                                                  
Dear Sir,

Application for the position of Accountant

I saw your advertisement for the position of Accountant in South China Morning Post yesterday. I think I have the required qualifications and experience for the position.

When I left Kwun Tong Secondary School, Form 6, at twenty, I decided to further my study in Accountancy.  Accounting was my favorite subject. I studied it hard and so I got Grade 5**  General Principle of Accounting at the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education.

Then, I pursued my study of accountancy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I got a bachelor degree of business administration (accountancy) with a second honour in 2015. In 2016, I passed all the professional examinations of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). Now, I am a qualified accountant. 

My first job was an assistant accountant with Fat Tat Company in May 2015. My job duties there include supervising five accounts clerk, preparing monthly and yearly accounting reports, monitoring the company budgets and assisting the accountant to oversee the accounting system of the company.

As I wanted to widen my work knowledge, I left the company in December 2006 of my own accord.

My second job was an audit assistant with the Big Four Accountants in January 2017. Being an audit person, I carried out all the audit work including verification of final accounts, overseeing the stocktaking, ensuring the compliance of company laws and stock exchange regulations. Now, I am still working with this company.  The reason why I want to leave my present and work for your company is I want to focus my career on accountancy rather than being an auditor.

If I am fortunate to fill the position, I will have to give my present employer one-month notice. In other words, I will be available to work at your company about one month after your kind confirmation of my engagement with your company.

I would like to enclose my photograph, resume and a copy of my qualification documents. I shall be grateful if I will be invited to attend an interview at any time convenient to you. Then, I can explain more about myself.

Thank you for your attention.

   Yours sincerely,
  Raymond Yeung



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