My perception of life
by Raymond Yeung

Life is the best thing you've got.
Love makes life beautiful.

Make life simple.
Make life radiant.
Make life interesting.

In this world, things often have two sides: the bright side and the dark side. Look at the bright side and that can brighten your life and make you happy.


Live your life joyfully. Live a splendid life. A downcast spirit dries up the bones.
Speak less. Go! Get things done. Speak the truth from your heart.


To please everybody is to please nobody. Live in the now for your own self. Before you love other people, first love yourself; for when you live well, you can share your joy with others; and if your life is miserable, your misery will harm others too.   


Nature is relentless: She does not care what you care.


What is gone is gone. Forget and forgive all your mishaps and all other people's faults.

Life is nothing, if not daring. Only the brave guys get it. So, be brave to take on the challenges ahead of you.

Nothing comes from nothing: If you want something, you must do something.

Life is nothing but growth. As time goes on, you have to grow wiser and stronger. When you cease to grow, you are doomed to perish.
Life goes on whether you use it or not. But if you use it, you can give life a meaning. So, use your life to do something good for yourself as well as for your community.

Life is not in having, but in being. The value of your life depends not on what you get but on what you do. 


Things may not be what they seem. Seek the truth. Accept the reality as it is.

There is no golden rule in doing things: Just follow your heart.

Action is more effective than words. Doing is louder than speaking.


Grit is the passion and perseverance for achieving meaningful goals.


Quality is the key to success. Excellent quality without large quantity of production can earn you reputation, attract clients and money to increase the production. But large quantity of poor work make you bankrupt.

There is no security in the world; there are only opportunities.


A successful life is accomplished by taking hold of every opportunity that comes to you.

The possibility of failure ought not deter you from doing it.

Look inside yourself to find strengths.

When things go wrong is when you get strong.

The most practical thing in the world is common sense.

Not to get ahead of others,
but to get ahead of yourself.

An idea won't work unless you do it.


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