Why you get quality service at low price?


Firstly, I am a retired IRD assessor. I do my work mainly for job satisfaction. I will be more than happy if I can help people solve their tax problems and learn Hong Kong taxation.


By this, I mean I can return a favor to my community in which I have benefited from the fruitful 18 years of working at the IRD.


Indeed, I need only a small income to make my web site sustainable. By charging low price at $500, I make my service affordable to you and so, I can help more people.


Secondly, I do not have a big office and I have no staff but myself. With the business being operated on internet, I can keep the operating costs to a minimum and so I can lower the price of my service.


Thirdly, I do my work all by myself, a former IRD assessor. Because I don't hire staff, your request will not be handled by a unqualified junior (this may happen in many accountancy firms).


Fourthly, I will finish your job within 2 days after confirmation of your payment. Today, speed is of utmost importance in decision making. Call Me and I am at your service.

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