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飛鴻稅務顧問 * 前稅務局評稅主任楊輝洪

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Hong Kong Tax Analysis Programs

To help you understand certain common tax topics and make better decisions about them, I have devised the following web-page programs. Just click on the topics below to start the respective programs and then click the answers of "Yes" or "No" to proceed.

For commercial reasons, I am sorry that only the first program is put on internet. For the others, I have reserved them for my CD Rom buyers. To buy the CD Rom, please click here.

The chargeability of salaries tax

The chargeability of profits tax

The chargeability of property tax
The deductibility of interest under profits tax
The taxability of profits from sale of properties


The programs are devised for general cases only. It may not work for certain types of taxpayers. The advice prompted by the program is for reference only. You should seek professional advice before you act on the advice. In any case I do not accept any claims for damages to any person arising from the use of the programs. 


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