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飛鴻稅務顧問 * 前稅務局評稅主任楊輝洪

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Hong Kong Tax Tips * QP Exam Techniques  * Tips for CDR buyer  * 中文報稅貼士  * 香港稅務課程

Basic Tax Tips

What can you do if you disagree with an assessment? 

Beware of your legal obligations

Advance tax ruling

   Revenue's advance ruling vis-a-vis my advice

Tax penalty 

   Section 82A additional tax

   Reasonable excuse


    Code on Access to Information

Election for Personal Assessment

    Should you elect for Personal Assessment?

    Time limit of election

    An illustration showing how how PA tax is computed

Tax recovery

    Tax recovery procedures

Correction of errors or omissions

    Board of Review case D6/91

    Error of law, etc.

Double taxation relief

    How DTR affects Profits Tax

    How DTR affects Salaries Tax

    Introduction to China tax

The IRD's performance pledge

    Structure of IRD

    Useful telephone numbers of IRD

The legal aspects of tax administration

   The law of taxation

    The basic rules of interpretation

    The objection and appeal procedures

    The legal procedures of tax disputes

    The degree of proof

Avoidance and evasion of tax

    Anti-tax-avoidance legislation

        Section 61 provisions

        Section 61A provisions

        Section 61B provisions 

Tax audit

    Desk audit 

    Field audit

Tax investigation

    Approaches adopted by IRD

    Why a taxpayer is investigated by IRD

    What to do when being investigated

    How to avoid a tax investigation

Tax workers

Table of personal allowances, tax rate, relief... etc.

Model letters to IRD

Queries frequently asked by IRD

How to answer IRD's queries

Common topics of tax reduction

Tips for CDR buyers only

Inland Revenue Ordinance made simple

A glossary of taxation terms

Tax analysis programs for taxpayers

Tax reduction programs for individual taxpayers

Tax computation programs for small businesses

RYTC’s accounting system

Salaries Tax Guide

Chargeable income 


Basis Period

What are taxable emoluments

Share options

Rent refund versus Rent allowance

Holiday benefit

Retirement benefit

Employee versus Office holder

Married Person's Allowance

Child allowance

Dependent Parent Allowance

Dependent Brother or Sister Allowance

Self-Education Expense

Donations to charity

Home loan interest

Elderly residential care expenses

Tax clearance on leaving Hong Kong

Employments in disguise

Employer's obligations

Salaries Tax Tips

A checklist for reduction of salaries tax

Husband and wife 

Payments at the end of an employment 

Working in China

Separate employment contracts

Employed versus self-employed

Deductible expenses

Tax clearance on leaving Hong Kong

Table of personal allowances

Illustration showing how Salaries Tax is computed

Hold over of provisional tax

Queries frequently asked by Revenue

Model letters to IRD

Profits Tax Guide

Basic charge

Chargeable persons

    What is a trade

        Sale of a property

        Badges of trade

    What is a business

    What is a profession

    Business carried on in Hong Kong

        Permanent establishment



    Body of persons

    Limited company


Assessable profits

    Source of profits

    Deemed assessable receipt

    Capital gains, revenue gain

    Compensation receipt

    Voluntary receipts

    Exempt receipts

    When are profits assessable 


    Capital versus revenue expenditure

    Section 16(1) of Inland Revenue Ordinance    

    Section 17 of Inland Revenue Ordinance

    Sales expenditure

    Commissions, etc. 

    Cost of goods sold

    Valuation of stock

    When an expenditure is incurred

    In the production of chargeable profits   

    Protecting & defending an asset

    Repairs expenditure

    Refurbishment expenditure

    Removal expenditure

    Prepaid expenditure

    Notional expenditure   

    Fines, penalties etc. 

    Bad debts

    Entertainment expenditure

    Interest expenditure

    Employees' expenditure

    MPF contribution by self-employed person

    Excessive remuneration   

    Management fee 

    Purchase of machinery for manufacturing

    Computer hardware and software

    Patent right, trademark etc.           


    Payments of mainland's / foreign tax  

    Expenditure for ceasing the business   

    Exchange losses / gains

    Environmental protection expenditure

    Technical education

    Scientific research

    Post cessation expenditure

Depreciation allowance   

    Industrial building allowance (IBA)       

        Qualifying trade

        Qualifying expenditure

        Qualifying person

        Initial and annual allowances

        Illustrations showing computation of IBA

        Balancing adjustment on disposal of industrial building

    Commercial building allowance (CBA)

        Annual allowance

        Balancing adjustment on disposal of commercial building

        An illustration showing computation of CBA

    Plant and machinery allowance (P&M)

        Meaning of plant and machinery

        The old system

            Asset partly used for trade

            Asset under hire purchase

        The new pooling system

        Illustrations showing how P&M allowances are computed

Basis period

    Normal basis

    Commencement of business

    Cessation of business 

    Change of accounting date

Profits Tax Tips

A checklist for reduction of profits tax

Exempt receipts

Registration of business

Demand for profits tax

Hold over of provisional tax

Keep business records

Returns filed by small business 

When to file the profits tax returns

Accounting for tax requirements

Tax computation

Employed versus self-employed

Illustrations showing how Profits tax is computed

Queries frequently asked by Revenue

Model letters to IRD

Property Tax Guide
Scope of charge

Lump-sum premium ...

Property held by one owner or more ...

Where the landlord dies

An illustration showing how property tax is computed

Hold over of provisional tax

Queries frequently asked by Revenue

A checklist for reduction of property tax

Model letters to IRD

Stamp Duty Guide 


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