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Tax computation programs for small businesses

飛鴻會計系統連同飛鴻記帳系統 in Excel worksheet

Many small businesses owned by sole proprietors or partnerships do not hire professional accountants. So, whenever they receive tax returns, they feel jittery when they are completing the tax returns as they do not know much about accounting. To ease their tax troubles, I have prepared tax tips on Accounting for tax requirements and Keeping sufficient business records and put them in a CD Rom for sale. I hope such tips can help them solve their accounting problems. In addition, I have also set up an accounting system (in English) for small businesses. This accounting system is being used for my consultancy business. As I think it is good for small businesses which are engaged in cash sales, I offer it to anyone who purchase the CD Rom. Click here for more about my accounting system.


Besides, to help such small businesses, I have also devised programs in Microsoft Excel worksheets to help them prepare the profits and loss account, balance sheet and tax computation. These computer worksheets aim at preparation of final accounts from an incomplete accounting system. They are to help small businesses to meet the tax-return requirements. They are included in the CD Rom for sale.


Now, for just HK$120, you can have all the aforesaid tax tips and computer worksheets. Click here for more on why you should own the CD Rom.




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