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飛鴻稅務顧問 * 前稅務局評稅主任楊輝洪

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Value for money?  You bet! 


A smart taxpayer is of course money conscious. But before you make any decision as to whether to reduce your tax or buy a tax advice --- take this advice: Keep self-restraint. Don't be overly aggressive. Always act lawfully. Never put yourself at risk to tax penalty.  Seek advice from professionals when you are in trouble. But when you are not in trouble, learn more to avoid trouble. Indeed, prevention is less costly than cure!


Besides, I would like you to think about owning the CD Rom and my publication on  Hong Kong taxation


When you consider the value of a CD Rom or a tax book, you may think of how much is the tax saving and how much the cost. If the tax saving is greater than the cost, then you will buy. But take my advice: Don't just consider the imminent tax saving. Think bigger. Think longer. Think about the awful penalties you may avoid throughout your working life! Think about the enduring benefits you will get from year to year!


Knowledge is power. I worked with Inland Revenue Department for 18 years. I want to give you my own view on Hong Kong tax law. I am sure you will find my analysis and advice as provided in  the CD Rom and tax books useful. In fact, they have no substitute in the market. I will be glad if I can share my knowledge and experience with you.


If you buy a book or a CD Rom from an ordinary book-shop, what you get is just the books or the CD Rom. When you find the book or CD Rom too difficult to read on, you will probably stop reading it. In that case, the books or CD Rom will become useless. But if you buy a book or a CD Rom from me, then you may phone me whenever you have difficulties in reading it. In that case, I can provide free counseling to you providing your telephone call does not exceed 5 minutes. Being the author of the books and CD Rom, I think I can answer your questions to your satisfaction. 


Come and see my tax guide and tax tips


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