Raymond Yeung Tax Consultant * former IRD Assessor

飛鴻稅務顧問 * 前稅務局評稅主任楊輝洪

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Hello, my name is Raymond Fai Hung, YEUNG. I am a Hong Kong tax advisor. After working at the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for 18 years, I set up this consultancy because I want to help people solve problems of Salaries Tax, Profits Tax, Property Tax and Tax Investigation. Please click Site Map to explore. 

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Raymond Yeung is at your service :  HK$500 per hour of service

    Scope of service:

    I pledge to give you my best advice on:

    * How to reduce your tax legally - Click here before you call me

    * How to answer queries from Revenue.

    * What are the tax implications of the transactions proposed.

    * What tax relief / allowance / deduction / rights are available  in the circumstances reported.

    * What obligations / requirements you must do in order to avoid penalties.

    * What you should do or what you should not do when you are chased by the Revenue.

    * Whether you should pursue your case and how.


    Besides, I would also like to serve you in the following areas:

    * drafting Chinese and English letters;
    * translating English to Chinese and vice versa;
    * writing Chinese and English reports;   and
    * studying problem and suggesting solutions.

At your request, I can represent you to deal with the Revenue and offer you advice on how to complete your tax return and tax computations and to prepare profit and loss account and balance sheet. I must make it clear that my advice is only an opinion.  Although I endeavor to give you my best advice,  I would like you to understand that my advice may be challenged by Revenue.

Call Me  so that I can serve you.


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